Our garden designs are:
Tailored to meet your needs
We can develop the potential of your garden whether you have a tiny courtyard or a large garden, or even just a small border that needs some attention!
Our gardens always reflect your tastes, take into account the amount of time you realistically have to maintain the garden and are designed for your enjoyment. We can advise you on what is not only practically possible, but what will work well and create something that provides year round interest.
The first step of any design process is a consultation meeting which is costs £30. If you are happy with our suggestions at this meeting and want to continue the design process, the consultation fee will be deducted from your design invoice. At this consultation we can show you previous projects and give you some ideas to think about.
When we visit you to take a client brief, we discuss your needs from the types of plants you'd like to include, the style and colour scheme, the types of hard landscaping materials, shapes and features, and of course budget.
Plans are then produced which are all hand drawn, some of which will be in colour. These include a to-scale base plan of your garden, concept designs, detailed master plans and planting plans.
Should you wish us to undertake the construction or planting work we will give you a quote and discuss timescale. We can also provide you with a maintenance schedule for after we have gone, to enable you to keep your garden looking at it's best. Some of the plants we use in our planting schemes have been grown by us at our Plant Centre in Leigh Sinton.
We offer a range of different design options:
Garden Design includes:
  • Consultation visit
  • Site survey & assessment
  • Client brief
  • Production of concept design sketch
  • Production of colour detailed master plan
  • Production of planting plan
  • Production of mood board &/or cross section (if required)
  • Production of marking out plan
Partial Designs:
1. New planting plan includes:
  • Consultation visit
  • Site survey & assessment
  • Client brief
  • Draw up base plan
  • Production of new planting plan
  • Production of mood board (if required)
  • (Very little / no re-design of original garden lay-out)
2. New border plan/s include/s:
  • Consultation visit
  • Measure up existing borders
  • Client brief
  • Draw up base plans of border/s only
      (no drawing of garden as a whole space)
  • Production of new planting plans
  • Production of mood board (if required)
  • (Very little / no change to shape of existing
      borders / planting areas)
3. New planting ideas to include:
  • Rough measurements
  • Client brief
  • Sketch of planting areas
  • Rough planting plan / ideas for planting
  • (Very little / no change to shape of existing planting areas)
For all the above options we can give a costing for plants and/or a cost for planting. We can also provide all plants from either our own stock or from the wholesaler.
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